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Can Toppers

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Can Toppers
  • Turns a can of pop into an easy to use bottle that can be sealed and transported
  • Makes drinking a can easier for younger children
  • Prevents unwanted items being placed in your drink

Drink lids that help eliminate spillage and keep insects, bees and debris from getting in your can. Keep it fresh and fizzy. A Plastic re-closable top designed to snap onto virtually all UK 330ml, 500ml and 1 pint aluminium cans creating a bottle out of a can. Covers soft drinks, beer, energy drinks and more!

An accessory perfect for using in the car, caravan, motor-home  gym, golf, fishing, cycling, sailing, walking, hiking, picnics, outdoor living, barbecues, camping, at the office, in the kitchen, home, garden or anywhere you would not want your drink to be left un-sealed. Accessories that can help at the bar re anti drink spiking and a great piece of equipment to assist in protecting children and indeed anyone from insect stings. When your can is empty simply rinse and snap the cap onto a new beverage and you’re ready to go again! Drinks stay fresh for days! No more 1/2 consumed cans going to waste! Save money £££ The Bottle Top™ is a re-usable cover and comes in an assortment of colours. Never mistake your can for someone else’s again!

NOTE: Some dishwashers may distort Bottle Top™ due to excessive heat. We recommend you simply hand wash and reuse. Do not use on cans with dented or damaged rims. Any attempt to defeat the sealing mechanism may result in failure to seal and possible damage to the product or yourself. Bottle Top™ may detach from the can under extreme pressure. Wash Bottle Tops and can lid before use.